Tatiana Ramirez holds a BA In Journalism with a minor in Spanish degree from the University of Nevada Reno. She’s also currently the Webmaster for the achievement beyond obstacles website, a community engagement coordinator for KUNR, and a production assistant for a gaming YouTube channel.

But before she was in any of these careers, she was a first generation college graduate. And before that she was just Tati—a student athlete in Sparks High School, trying to make it through the day.

She was a senior when she heard about ABO, and after her time at the leadership weekend—her whole life cha

nged for the better. With the support of ABO, Tatiana was able to study and thrive at the University of Nevada-Reno.  During her time at the university, she played for the UNR’s Women’s traveling rugby team for two years out of the three years she attended.

It was also during her time at the university that she married her best friend, Nicholas and a year later had their first child together. Despite having her daughter in the middle of her sophomore year. She continued to pursue her education and even took more courses in order to graduate a year early.

Tatiana believes ABO has the helped so many others like herself and is passionate in continuing to be apart of ABO.

In addition to being webmaster of the ABO site. Mrs. Ramirez works full time being a production assistant for a prominent YouTube channel in the gaming community.